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New Logo Announcement

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Roller Hockey Canada logo as we move forward with refreshing our brand. We loved our previous logo, it embodied memories and traditions of the early inline hockey days but with the media landscape evolving, it was time for an update. 

We designed a new logo that reflects a more modern look, a design that signifies evolution as we continue to enhance and grow our sport. Striving to maintain the iconic and recognizable maple leaf was our primary goal. This was achieved by redesigning the leaf; giving it thicker outlines and bringing a strong and bold new look. The integration of the hockey sticks to the maple leaf denotes unity and collaboration. We want to show that we will continue to connect Canadians to the sport of inline hockey. The addition of the four circles was an obvious decision; wheels are emblematic to our sport! This final design treatment actualizes an impactful roller hockey logo and we hope you connect with it as deeply as we do. 

We feel that the new logo will help us reconnect and introduce new members to the roller hockey community as we look forward to continuing to foster and promote the development of inline hockey across Canada.


We also want to this opportunity to thank our very talented friend Tony Headrick for this marvelous logo design! He put in a lot of time working with our team to craft the perfect design. Make sure to check out his page for more amazing artwork!

Quality Sport Operating System

It’s time to grow the Roller Hockey game. Roller Hockey Canada and FSQ Consulting Announce the Availability of the Quality Sport Operating System.

Roller Hockey Canada is extremely excited to announce the adoption of the Quality Sport Operating System which will be made available to all roller hockey leagues and associations as part of Roller Hockey Canada membership.   

Built on the same principles as the Long-term Athlete Development model (LTAD), the Quality Sport Operating System is about building best-in-class sport organizations that focus on quality and continuous improvement focused on all participant groups: players, parents, coaches, officials, educators and sport administrators. 

“Every year 70% of kids leave their chosen sport. Guided by Roller Hockey Canada values of fun, safety and innovation, our board wants to strengthen both the value of your RHC membership and build our collective ability to offer amazing sport experiences for participants no matter their age or playing ability so everyone feels a sense of belonging and wants to come back each and every year,” said Dave Sehn, VP-Operations/Finance.

We’re undertaking this in partnership with FSQ Sport, a division of FSQ Consulting, with the support of sport change champion and consultant Matt Young who adds, “After experiencing the sport system as athletes, parents, coaches, volunteers, and staff, we found the same challenges of running sport organizations across small grassroot clubs through to large national governing bodies. The approach of the Quality Sport Operating System is to focus on providing accountability, inclusivity, and cultural standards to help as many as possible, as long as possible, in the best environment possible.”

The rollout of the Quality Sport Operating System will happen in partnership with each league so that each organization can be met where they are at. Roller Hockey Canada and FSQ Consulting will be holding a webinar on February 19, 2022 The full QSOS will be available to all leagues and associations in Roller Hockey Canada beginning December 5th, 2021 with plenty of time for training before adopting for the 2022 season.  Please reach out to Dave Sehn & Dylan Williams (VP-Sport Development) to discuss how your organization can start participating.

About Roller Hockey Canada

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Dave Sehn
VP - Operations/Finance

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About FSQ Sport

FSQ Consulting Inc., through its FSQ Sport division, was formed to increase quality sport experiences by focusing on people and processes before policies and procedures. The knowledge, tools, and resources support sport organizations in developing an organizational culture that drives operational processes and systems. Our mission is to help as many as possible, as long as possible, in the best environments possible. 

For more information on FSQ, please visit:

For additional information contact:

Matt Young

Business Development

p. 604-216-1716 Email:  

Roller Hockey Canada & Hockey Community announce partnership

Hockey Community and Roller Hockey Canada are proud to announce today a new partnership that will see the two organizations work closely together to help people discover and play the sport of roller hockey. 

Roller Hockey Canada will take advantage of the free Hockey Community app to enable new registration features for the membership and connect its players nationwide, empowering them with social features to organize games, manage teams, find players, and more. Roller Hockey Canada will reach new people by sharing their stories with Hockey Community’s growing and diverse audience.

By facilitating Roller Hockey Canada’s player registration, Hockey Community will grow its membership and reach prospective inline hockey leagues that need scheduling and stats software. Through this partnership, Hockey Community will also gain valuable insights and knowledge into what tools and features to build.

“Roller Hockey Canada is super excited to be partnering with Hockey Community,” said Dave Sehn, Vice-President of Roller Hockey Canada. “Their passion for connecting and creating community to encourage play perfectly aligns with Roller Hockey Canada’s desire to grow this amazing game and make it more accessible. We’re super excited to collaborate and grow both the game and our partnership to create amazing hockey experiences for Canadians.”

“As someone who grew up playing roller hockey, I am especially excited about this partnership with Roller Hockey Canada,” said Hockey Community’s co-founder, Ryan Samson. “The sport of roller hockey has given me the opportunity to enter the game and ultimately led me and our team to the creation of Hockey Community. I am confident that this joint effort with RHC will help us promote the game and provide better accessibility to the sport.”

About Hockey Community

Hockey Community empowers anyone to discover, organize, and play hockey. The free mobile app makes hockey more accessible by connecting people with players, games, teams, and leagues. Over 105,000 members have joined the community of players, trainers, arena managers, retail stores, and league administrators. To date, over 1.5 million games have been played across the world.

To learn more about Hockey Community, please visit: