Respect in Sport Certification

Roller Hockey Canada announced that they have partnered with Respect in Sport to be the first step of the new Roller Hockey Canada Coaching Certification Program.

“This is the first of several announcements to come in the near future from Roller Hockey Canada regarding the Coaching Certification Program and we view it as one of the most important ones we will make,” Kevin Sharp, President, Roller Hockey Canada explains. “We feel that any coaching certification is not complete unless it involves a tool to educate coaches on bullying, harassment and general behavior when coaching players in sport. By partnering with Respect in Sport, Roller Hockey Canada will be providing this education tool to our coaches and associations to make sure that the coaches we have in our game are educated in that regard.”

Roller Hockey Canada will be making it mandatory for all coaches in member leagues to have Respect in Sport or Speak Out certification for the 2011 season.

“Roller Hockey Canada wanted to get this partnership up and running as early as possible in order to allow the coaches some time to get the certification done prior to heading into the 2011 season.” outlines Nathan Fleck, Executive Director, Roller Hockey Canada. ” By allowing a full year and a half before this certification becomes mandatory, we feel that our coaches will be able to complete the certification process so that it is seamless for them come 2011.”

Coaches will be able to access the Respect in Sport Certification Program via the Roller Hockey Canada website at the end of January 2010. The link will allow coaches to register directly with Respect in Sport and complete the online certification program.

“By providing our coaches this program as well as allowing our leagues and membership to recognize Hockey Canada’s Speak Out certification process, we are making sure that those coaches who have already been trained in Respect in Sport or Speak Out will not have to go through the process again,” Marty Alexander, VP Programming, Roller Hockey Canada ensures. ” Roller Hockey Canada understands that many of our coaches have crossover education from ice hockey as well as other sports, we wanted to make sure that our coaching requirements allowed them to use certifications received through other means.”

Respect in Sport is the leader for online certification for Abuse, Harassment and Bullying education and the cost to register for the program is $30.

“Online certification is a great tool for us, as we are a sport that is widespread, without the logistical power to host clinics in every community” Fleck continues. ” Roller Hockey Canada is moving toward online certification opportunities for many programs in the near future and we are proud to be associated with the leaders in this area of education.”

To access the Respect in Sport program through Roller Hockey Canada click the Respect in Sport logo below and it will direct you straight there!

Here are some useful tips to assist you through the Registration Process:

• Click on the link or button displayed to access the program. By default the system will load in English. Click the word “French” to translate the page.
• Select “Register a New User” (or “Enregistrement et nouvel utilisateur”, for French)
• Create a username and password for your self to enter in the appropriate fields. Respect Group Inc. recommends using an email as a username as this is generally unique to an individual and not easily forgotten.
• Complete all fields. Any fields identified with a red X is a mandatory field and must be completed. Other fields are considered optional but are requested by your organization.
• Any field with a “?” in a circle beside the red X has a tool tip. If you run your mouse over the tool tip, more information about that field will be displayed.
• Review and accept the Respect Group Inc. privacy policy.
• Click Submit at the bottom of the page.
• On successful registration submission, you will have a “Continue Registration” page displayed. This is the page which displays the cost of the program. Click Purchase
• A new page will be displayed indicating what program access you are purchasing. All transactions will be completed via PayPal. Click “Proceed to Checkout” to complete the purchase. This transaction will take place on the secure PayPal website. Respect Group Inc. personnel and systems will never have access to credit card information.
• Once purchase has been completed, you will have access to Respect in Sport.
• Once in the program, click on your language of choice to access the program content pages.
• Enjoy Respect in sport.

Re-accessing Respect in Sport

• Click on the link or button displayed to access the program. By default the system will load in English. Click the word “French” to translate the page, if necessary.
• Enter the username and password you entered while registering for the program